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Understanding RAID management in Linux

4 minute read

The first thing you must learn about RAID technologies in Linux is that they have nothing in common with HP-UX, and I mean nothing! Yes there is LVM but that...

HP P4000: Generating the CLIQ key file

less than 1 minute read

As I explained in my first post about the SAN/iQ command line, to remotely manage a P4000 storage array instead of providing the username/password credential...

How to rescan the SCSI bus in Linux

1 minute read

You are in front of a Linux box, a VM really, with a bunch of new disks that must be configured and suddenly you remember that there is no ioscan in Linux, y...

HP resources for VMware

11 minute read

The reason for this post is trying to be a single point of reference for HP related VMware resources.