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HP Lefthand P4000 VSA verbose boot

less than 1 minute read

If you are a user of the P4000 VSA you’ll be use to the quiet boot sequence of the SAN/iQ software. Just a couple of messages until you get the login prompt.

HP Lefthand VSA minimum memory requirements

1 minute read

These week I’ve trying to stretch the virtualization resources of my homelab as much as possible. In my obsession to run as many VMs as possible I decided to...

Enabling vSphere Web Access

1 minute read

If you are in the virtualization business you’ll probably know that since the release of vSphere back in 2009 the web access the ESX servers has been disable...

LVM and file system basics in HP-UX & Linux

16 minute read

Now that my daily work is more focused on Linux I found myself performing the same basic administration tasks in Linux that I’m used to do in HP-UX. Because ...