My DevStack local.conf file

less than 1 minute read

One of the pillars of my personal OpenStack ecosystem is DevStack. For those of you new to the OpenStack world DevStack is a tool, basically is a shell script, that allows to deploy a full OpenStack environment, installing every required dependency. It is widely used amongst beginners and the development community.

My DevStack instance is a Fedora 20 virtual machine with 2 vCPUs and 2GB of memory, I use it mostly for testing and development. I have setup a small vSphere environment in Fusion with a vCSA virtual machine and a nested ESXi, both 5.5 version. The DNS and NFS services are provided by my management VM which is another Fedora 20 VM with just 512MB of RAM.

My local.conf file is no rocket science as you have seen, but may be it can be of help to anyone wanting to quickly setup a DevStack+vSphere development environment.