HPUX-admin mailing list closing. Is the end of an era.

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Today I received a mail from the HP-UX Admin mailing list. The  subject was “[HPADM] final message, list shutting down permanently” and the body contained the following message:

“dear all,

i truly regret that i have to announce the end of operations of the “hpux-admin” mailing list as you all have known it for a long time.

The last few years i have virtually lost all support for this activity from management. No surprise there, as there are almost no HP-UX systems remaining in use within my organization. And now i am more or less ‘ordered’ to shutdown, because the location of the system(s) will no longer be available. It was a converted office room and will be converted back to normal office space shortly.

This, combined with the fact that traffic on the list has decreased to almost zero, has prompted me to take the inevitable decision and ‘pull the plug’ …

[HPADM] closing down …”

Must admit that the lack of traffic is completely true, the last year no more than a couple of dozens messages were sent to the list. But that fact doesn’t ease the pain of losing one of  the few resources about HP-UX out there and one of the oldest. My personal gratitude and recognition to Bart Muyzer who has been running the list all these years.

It seems that the old mailing lists have no place in the 2.0 new world. Is the end of an era… not sure if I would like it.