I’m not dead or how much I hate to write documentation

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Hi everybody! No you aren’t lucky, I’m not dead yet ;-). It’s only tha I’ve been very busy these weeks, my current project is almost finished and there is a lot of stuff to deliver to the customer. This part also reminds me that, even knowing that is an essential part of any project, I hate to write documentation with all my heart.

But there are also great news for me and a new opportunity has arise and I’ve been offered to become not just a full time HP-UX Sysadmin but also a storage one in another customer. I never been a full storage guy but I love new challenges and working with HP storage hardware like XP and EVA looks great to me. If I finally manage to be assigned to that project you will see here storage related posts from time to time.

But I don’t want write more, I have to be patient and let the events develop by themselves, wish me luck my dear readers.