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Moving vNICs between vSwitches

1 minute read

Following with my re-learning HPVM process today I’ve been playing around with my virtual switches and a question had arise.

Coming back to the IVM world

8 minute read

Yes I have to admit it, it’s been a while since the last time I created an Integrity Virtual Machine. In my last job didn’t have HPVM and here the VMs were a...

Double check! Always!

1 minute read

Today I learned the hard way how important is to check everything at least twice.

Machinfo on PA-RISC systems

1 minute read

When the HP-UX Itanium version was released  it came with a very handy tool named machinfo. This command prints number and type of CPUs, amount of memory, fi...

Linux LVM commands in HP-UX

9 minute read

Some of the features I always liked about the Linux LVM2 implementation are the lvs, vgs and pvs commands. With these simple commands a short list of the LVs...