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VCSA 5.1– Deployment and upgrade

5 minute read

In the last post we discussed about the new features and changes that comes with version 5.1 of the VMware vCenter Server Appliance. In this new one I will e...

VCSA 5.1– A quick look

1 minute read

Yesterday was a very exciting day, VMware finally announced the new vCloud Suite 5.1. With new products and features announced, each one of them as great as ...

Change ESXi 5 iSCSI iqn with esxcli

less than 1 minute read

After my previous post about getting the iqn of an ESXi using esxcli Andy Banta (@andybanta) commented on Twitter that you can also change the iqn of the hos...

How to get iSCSI iqn using esxcli in ESXi 5

less than 1 minute read

Back in 2010 I wrote a post about how to get the iSCSI iqn of an ESXi 4.x server using vSphere CLI from the vMA or any other system with vCLI installed on it.