ACS-Engine is now AKS-Engine

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This is post is quick heads up for everybody our there using ACS Engine to spin up container clusters on Azure. Our containers engineering team is depracating acs-engine in favor of a new tool called aks-engine. The old ACS-Engine GitHub repo will not go away any time soon but from now on all the new developments will be done in the AKS-Engine repo.

In the words of the AKS Engine team …we’re confident this housekeeping manouver will more effectively track the close affinity between the AKS managed service and the “build and manage your own configurable Kubernetes” stories that folks use this tool for.

All the Kubernetes related code has been 100% moved with a few exceptions to the new repo but I recommend you to keep an eye open until the trasition is complete and of course open an issue in GitHub if you find anything missing.