My first three months at Microsoft

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When I joined Microsoft my friend, and former VMware colleague, Manfred Hofer asked me to write something about my journey from being a Unix hardcore geek to join Microsoft. I’ve been postponing this for some time but since this week has marked the conclusion of my first three months at Microsoft I believed it was time to write a few lines about my experience.

Working at Microsoft

First things first, how is working at Microsoft? For me has been awesome so far. We all have heard the stories about Microsoft, honestly that’s not the company I have found. People here are friendly and smart, and Azure… oh my, Azure is awesome! Oh I cannot say it enough times, Azure is awesome!

The company is undergoing a serious shift towards cloud and open source and that’s what basically drove me here after some great months at Red Hat. That and the wish to move up in the stack and start doing something different besides infrastructure architecture and engineering. Here I am helping customers to modernize applications for the cloud, designing container infrastrucutre architectures, having conversations with customers about big data, distributed computing… Also this is my first technical seller/pre-sales job in near 18 years so for me this was a double challenge.

In short I am having a lot of fun and learning tons of new things even if the job is sometimes exhausting.

What will happen with the blog?

I know the blog has been quiet durign these months, but that has been on purpose. Back in December I decided to hold the blo a few months until I was able to at least know the basics of my new role, to be honest I am not sure if that will ever happen given the ammount of new and cool things a I have to learn so I decided to lift the curfew and start writting again. Obviously, the contents of the blog will chenge to reflect my day to day work in Azure. This means that I will not write any more articles about OpenStack for example. However I am planning to expand my container related content, like the Atomic Host series and add a lot of new content about cloud infrastructure, containers and cloud-native applications, all around but not restricted to Azure.

Hope you like it!

– Juanma