I looked back at 2011 and I only saw awesomeness!

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2011 is done and like any other human beings out there today I decided to look back.

Professionally the great company I’m lucky to work at finally gave me the opportunity to focus my work only in the most awesome technology… VMware. After many years of being a Unix guy and a few being something in the middle I’m currently working exclusively with VMware products on top of HP solutions.

From the blog perspective 2011 has been huge, and I really mean it. In 2010 I had 29,786 visits and in 2011 I have had… 125,690. Yes almost one hundred thousand more visits!

Thanks to good work of John Troyer the blog has been recently included in the Planetv12n blog aggregator from VMware.

And probably the best moment of the year… in June I got news from John Troyer telling me that I had been awarded vExpert for the first time. It was a great honor and I’m still a bit shocked.

Personally the vExpert award was huge, apart from HP-UX and OpenBSD I never be so passionate about a technology and it was an unexpected a very welcomed gift. Props to VMware and to John Troyer, there is no place like the VMware Community :-)

Finally I want to say:


Thank you to all my readers and my Twitter followers. My best wishes to you and your families for the New Year. And again… Thank you!