OpenVMS 8.4 is here and it comes full of new features

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This week HP has released OpenVMS 8.4 for Alpha and Integrity servers.

This new version of this robust and reliable operating system introduces a bunch of great new features. Some of the more important for me are:

  • Support for the new Integrity i2 Blades.
  • IP Cluster Interconnect for Alpha and Integrity platforms.
  • Integration with the VSE suite.
  • iCAP support on Integrity cell-based servers.
  • Full Operative System provisioning capabilities up to eight servers.
  • System Management Homepage.
  • Enhanced management capabilities with more WBEM based providers on Blade systems.

But above all one has come to my attention:

  • OpenVMS supported as HPVM guest

Yes, finally, OpenVMS has reach the stable and supported state as HPVM guest and you know what, it comes with full AVIO support both for storage and networking. This feature expands even more the virtualization portfolio in the Intanium platform and open a new era for the OpenVMS users.

I don’t know how you feel about this but I’m really excited.