HP-UX 10.20, still around :-)

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Ten years or so ago the first HP-UX I worked with was a 10.20, it was an old D230 HP9000 server.

I never thought I would find a still running 10.20 server but when I came to the customer I am currently assigned I had a nice surprise. Hidden in the lab room next to the data-center was an old HP9000 D330 server with HP-UX 10.20 installed on it. And you know what? It’s still in production running an ancient version of Informix for a legacy service.

The server has one PA-7200LC 160MHz CPU, 192MB of RAM and four Seagate ST34572WC Ultra SCSI 4GB disks. Since I discovered it the Informix has become my favorite server above the Superdomes or the Integrity Blades and I even found bash and lsof depots for 10.20 :-D

Bash can be found on this FTP site and lsof and a lot more OpenSource software for 10.20 and 11.00 can be found at Merjin’s HP-UX.

Here it is screenshot of a PuTTY session and a couple of pictures of the beast taken with my E71:

HP-UX 10.20


D330 Disks

Does anyone of you have an old HP-UX 10.20 still around?